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Título original: Black Belt Angels

Direção: Chi Kim
Gênero: Ação

Lançamento: 1994
Duração: 84 min.

Qualidade de Áudio: 10
Qualidade de Vídeo: 10

Produção: Showcase Entertainment, Inc., Silver Bell Film, Inc.

Enredo: Times are tough at the Master Martial Arts School and it’s going to take more than money to keep it open. To Tae Kwon Do expert Matt Robins and his two teenage daughters, Kristen and Tracey, the school means everything and they will do whatever it takes to save it. Just when Matt and the girls raise enough money to save the school, they come face to face with Lucero and his mobsters. With an army of trained ninjas to back him up, Lucero is determined to close the school in order to obtain its beachfront property for his own greedy reasons. Lucero and his ninjas are in for a surprise because daddy’s little girls wear black belts and, together with their teenage girlfriends, the Black Belt Angels pack a powerful punch.


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